The Kansas Assessment Program has released a Parent Guide to understanding the results of the Kansas Assessments that were conducted in the Spring of 2016.  USD 315 staff will be referring to this guide when visiting about the results of the assessments.  Keep in mind that not all grade levels took the assessments last Spring so this information may not be applicable to your student.  Feel free to visit with your child’s teacher to know more about understanding the assessments. You can access the document under the Public Notifiications tab or at the link below. You can also access the document on the Facebook pages of each building.

KS Assessment 2016 Parent Guide

 We are needing VOLUNTEERS for the following HOME BASKETBALL GAMES!
If you can work any of these games PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL 785-460-5200.  THANKS!!!!!
If you would like to work for a 10 punch pass….please ask when you call.  THANKS!!!!!

Thurs., Oct. 27th
    @ HS (8th) for Admission @ 3:15

Monday,  Oct. 31
    @ HS (8th) for Admission @ 3:15
    @ Elem. (7th) for Admission @ 3:15
    @ Elem. (7th) for Clock and ScoreBook @ 3:45

Thurs., Nov. 10
    @ Elem. (7th) for Admission @ 3:15

Monday, Nov. 14
    @ HS (8th) Admission @ 3:15
    @ Elem. (7th) Admission @ 3:15

Thurs., Dec. 1
    @ HS (8th) Admissions @ 3:45        
    @ HS (8th) Clock @ 4:15
    @ Elem. (7th) Admissions @ 3:45

Thurs., Dec. 8 @ 3:45
    @ HS (8th) Clock @ 3:45
    @Elem. (7th) Admissions @ 3:15

Thur., Jan. 12
    @ HS (8th) Clock @ 4:15
    @ Elem. (7th) Admission @ 4:15

Thurs., Feb. 2
    @ HS (8th) Clock @ 3:15
    @ Elem. (7th) Admission @ 3:45
Thurs., Feb. 16
    @ HS (8th) Clock @ 3:45

Monday, Feb. 27
    @ HS (8th) Admissions @ 3:15
    @ HS (8th) Clock @ 3:45
    @ Elem. (7th) Admissions @ 3:15

Thank you for helping make these events a success by volunteering your time!
It is truly appreciated!

Missy Siruta, Middle School


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